Balance Sheet, P&L and Equity Optimization

  • Portfolio optimization
  • Balance sheet optimization

We cooperate with banks and insurance companies, pension funds, investment trusts, family offices and investors seeking to build up, increase, restructure, scale down or simply optimize their real estate portfolio. Moreover, we provide loan administrators with practical solutions as to how to get loan facilities off their balance sheets.

We offer a broad range of optimization approaches, such as

  • Disposal of non-core assets (loans and/or real estate)
  • Restructuring of the loan portfolio, including the refinancing of facilities which no longer fit in with the client’s risk strategy
  • Increasing yields by shifting from low-yield assets to real estate investments with higher yields
  • Shifting and/or selling loans and/or real estate to newly established institutional funds and attracting additional equity providers in order to reduce the client’s risk profile
  • Re-negotiation of loan facilities

Based on our long-term experience and our local and international network, we are not only in a position to provide our clients with targeted consulting services, but also to implement all measures that have been approved by our clients in an efficient and profit oriented way.