Real Estate Financing

  • Structuring of financings (new financings, restructuring and refinancing), including debt and equity raising
  • Negotiations with debt and equity providers

The financial and euro crisis in to 2009/2010 led to a credit crunch. Moreover, institutional lenders had to continually adapt to new internal and external regulatory frameworks, which also had an impact on our clients. They, too, have to adapt to changes in the credit approval processes of their financing partners rapidly and in a flexible and market oriented manner, which includes adjusting their own internal fund raising policies.

Thanks to our established network of banks and insurance companies, we are in a position to develop attractive real estate financing solutions, which fully meet the individual requirements of our clients. Available options include mortgage loans, subordinated debt, mezzanine loans, bridge loans and equity raising.

We not only focus on stand-alone properties, but also on real estate portfolios. In the case of a portfolio, we take a holistic view of the financings and properties included in such portfolio, aiming to maximize yields, optimize the debt and maturity structure and, if required, develop suitable exit strategies.